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Cameron & Carmen are 2 High Speed Subway Engines which deliver passengers to their destinations. They were originally in the forms of Rusty


Cameron and Carmen was 1st Introduced in I was bored as the form of Rusty. Fanofthomas31 then said that they'll come in the next episode of Island Tales (which sadly didn't happen.) They did appear in TUGS/Thomas and Friends Remakes: High Tide Part 2 with James, In I was bored 3, Cameron was classified as a "Classic," and Carmen as a "Not Classic. In Filler, Cameron and Carmen gets another appearance, which Cameron tells Carmen that they are getting out of the Railway Exhibition because "things are getting a little too weird." Eventually they weren't seen until the video "Island Tales Season 2 Update" Video, which they got revamped to subway engines because Fanofthomas31 wanted Cameron and Carmen to be high speed passenger trains, and Rusty doesn't fit well with the term. Cameron and Carmen will appear in the 1st Episode of Island Tales Season 2.


The following list are episodes from Elijah Spears and Fanofthomas31: (note that appearances of Rusty do not count, though 2 Rusty's do count)

Legend: Italics = Rusty form

  • I was bored
  • TUGS/Thomas and Friends Remakes: High Tide Part 2
  • I was bored 3
  • Island Tales Season 2 Update
  • I was Bored 14
  • Learn About the Railway Exhibition with Dexter - Island Tales
  • Island Tales Episode 15: Cameron and Carmen (Coming Soon)