Fergus' Online Store Finds was a series where whenever Fanofthomas31 bought something online he'd bring Fergus in to review it.

The series lasted for eight episodes with a couple lost in production. The series will soon be replaced by "Fergus Reviews".


  • Bandai B Train Shorty Oigawa Railway Thomas
  • TUGS: Port Set
  • Wooden Railway Cranky
  • Wood Rosie
  • ERTL City of Truro
  • Trackmaster Lexi
  • Plarail Oigawa Railway Thomas
  • Plarail Oigawa Railway James
  • Plarail Gator and Marion (Unreleased)
  • Chuggington StackTrack Tunnel Boarding Machine (Unreleased)
  • Mystery Package 1 (Lost Episode)