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On his old channel, Elijah Spears, Fanofthomas31 decided about a filler while he was busy with school, and other things. It became a success, not just as a filler but a series. When it became a series, Fanofthomas31 continues the Filler series, but not as frequent as I was bored. The current rate of I was bored is I was Bored 14.

List of Episodes

Screenshot Video Title Written by Release Date Episode number #
Philip in Water (IWB)I was BoredElijah SpearsNovember 25th, 2016#01
This Video Features Skits.
IWB2I was Bored 2Elijah SpearsDecember 5th, 2016#02
This Video Features Skits
IWB3I was Bored 3Elijah SpearsJanuary 11th, 2017#03
This Video Features Skits
IWB4I was Bored 4 (1,100 Subscriber Special)Elijah SpearsMarch 10th, 2017#04
This Video Features Skits
IWB5I was Bored 5 (1,200 Subscriber Special)Elijah SpearsMarch 15th, 2017#05
This Video Features Skits
IWB6I was Bored 6 (1,500 Subscriber Special)Elijah SpearsMarch 27th, 2017#06
This Video Features Skits
IWB7I was Bored 7Elijah SpearsApril 11th, 2017#07
This Video Features Skits
IWB8I was Bored 8 (1,700 Subscriber Special)Elijah SpearsApril 19th, 2017#08
This Video Features Skits
IWB9I was Bored 9Fanofthomas31October 2nd, 2017#09
This Video Features Skits


  • Between I was Bored 8 (1,700 Subscriber Special) and I was Bored 9, There was a huge delay of time of the uploads of the posts, ranging from April 19th, 2017 to October 2nd, 2017. This is because Fanofthomas31 moved from his old account Elijah Spears to his new channel Fanofthomas31.