MMD Videos are animated videos made from Fanofthomas31, which he uses the program MikuMikuDance to make these type of videos.

MMD Videos

Here is the list of all the MMD videos and series Fanofthomas31 has made.

Single MMD Videos

  • My First MMD Animation
  • MMD is so much fun.
  • Legend of the Rails-My 100th Video
  • MMD Starlight Express: C.B.
  • MMD Rendering Test
  • The Hole in the Bridge
  • MMD Construction Site: Idea Station
  • Ten Cents Out for a Stroll
  • Testing MMD Animation Qualities
  • Don't Tell Thomas MMD Clip Remake
  • Filler 4.5
  • Zany Buster Segment 1 - MMD Remake
  • Trainspotting at Knapford (Coming Soon)
  • Don't Tell Thomas MMD Remake (Coming Soon)
  • MMD Starlight Express (Coming Soon)
  • An Engine of Many Colors MMD Remake (Delayed)

Double MMD Videos

  • MMD Double Feature
    • MMD Double Feature: Chocolate Train/Skaroley's Gunpowder
    • MMD Double Feature: Hiro's Basics/Clarabel's Steamer
    • MMD Double Feature: What is Yaemon?/No Comeback
    • MMD Double Feature: Harlem Shake/Rolling Stock
    • MMD Double Feature: Steam Roller Wheels/Code Red
    • MMD Double Feature: This is Tugs/Stanley's Opinion
    • MMD Double Feature: Sunshine!/James Attempts to Drive
    • MMD Double Feature: Fly Away Stanley/One Rock 'N' Roll Too Many
    • MMD Double Feature: Track Jump/Bounce
    • MMD Double Feature: Soup/Free and Easy?
    • MMD Double Feature: Too Late/Dude
    • MMD Double Feature: Disaster/Duck
    • MMD Double Feature: Defective/Toby
    • MMD Double Feature: Turrets and Thomas/No Cars
    • MMD Double Feature: Spooky/Mail
    • MMD Double Feature: Sleeping Engines/ Piracy

MMD Tutorials

  • MMD Tutorials: How to get and use PMX Editor: Fixing White Textures
  • MMD Tutorials: How to Make Vehicles Bounce (Two Ways) (Deleted)
  • MMD Tutorials: How to Install and Use MME

Videos with MMD Face Masks

  • MMD Face Masking Test
  • Thomas and the Big, Big Bridge Teaser Trailer
  • Patience Remake
  • Facial Animations are Fun
  • Thomas and the Big, Big Bridge (coming soon)
  • Best Friends Remake (Coming Soon)

Videos with a MMD Model in Thumbnail (excluding MMD Videos)

  • Ryan's Selfie