Super Station Adventures is a series made by Fanofthomas31. It's about engines having a normal day at the Super Station until something usually happens.

List of Episodes

Screenshot Video Title Written by Release Date Episode number #
SSATSuper Station Adventures TeaserFanofthomas31October 21st, 2017Teaser Video
The Announcement of Super Station Adventures series.
SSAEp1Super Station Adventures Episode 1: Fan ServiceFanofthomas31October 24th, 2017#01
The engines on the Super Station were having a great day, until BoCo hauls up with a milk train.
SSAEp2Super Station Adventures Episode 2: When the Cars Came to the StationFanofthomas31October 25th, 2017#02
Gordon sees something unusual coming up the track, but Thomas tells him it's probably nothing. Gordon agrees, then the unexplainable happens.
SSAEp3Super Station Adventures Episode 3: RaceFanofthomas31November 1st, 2017#03
Percy asks Thomas to race him down the ramps of the Super Station. Thomas agrees, but this makes people want to race Thomas. Soon it will get out of hand.
SSAEp4Super Station Adventures Episode 4: The Biggest Engine EverFanofthomas31November 8th, 2017#04
The engines hear a loud sound coming from the back of the Station. James thinks it's a giant engine, but Thomas does not believe him. Soon Thomas will find out that there are bigger engine that can fit onto the Super Station.
SSAEp5Super Station Adventures Episode 5: The Fastest Engine EverFanofthomas31November 15th, 2017#05
A fast looking engine hauls up to the Super Station, claiming they have "Hot Wheels"
SSAEp6Super Station Adventures Episode 6: Boring DayFanofthomas31November 22nd, 2017#06
It is a Boring Day on the Super Station. Percy asks Thomas if he sees anything that inspires him, so Thomas looks for something that interests him.
SSAEp7Super Station Adventures Episode 7: It's Starting to Look a lot Like ChristmasFanofthomas31November 29th, 2017#07
The engines got somewhat festive, so they covered the Super Station from top to bottom in Minis.
SSAEp8Super Station Adventures Episode 8: New NeighborsFanofthomas31December 6th, 2017#08
The Wooden Railway engines got a new home built for them, and they headed to the Super Station to tell everyone
SSAEp9Super Station Adventures Episode 9: The Mini who Tried to do Something About BoredomFanofthomas31December 13th, 2017#09
The Mini on Cranky's Arm got Bored, so he tries to do something about it. But what the Mini doesn't know, that It'll get him into trouble.
SSAEp10IWB11Super Station Adventures Episode 10/I was Bored 11Fanofthomas31March 6th, 2018#10
Lego Duplo Thomas wants to get up to the Super Station, but he cannot fit on the track, so he gets help from a friend.