The Railway Exhibition is a place located at the far end of Sodor where engines from all over the world go to give rides to visiting passengers.


In season one of Island Tales the Railway Exhibition was located on Misty Island. There were six engines that worked there. Two of the engines were Arthur and Flora. The other four were Alan, Jerry, Marvin, and Lewis. Later, two engines called Dexter and Leonard came to pull trains that gave passengers a tour of Sodor. The exhibition had a line that lead to the Super Station.

In season two, Jerry, Marvin, and Lewis were removed from the show. The exhibition was moved off of Misty Island and onto Sodor itself. Stephen was added to the exhibition as a display engine and Jack was added as a coal loader.

Three other engines (Cameron, Carmen, and Ashima) will be added later on in the series.


  • Dexter
  • Leonard
  • Alan
  • Flora
  • Arthur
  • Stephen
  • Cameron (Coming Soon)
  • Carmen (Coming Soon)
  • Ashima (Coming Soon)
  • Jack (Coming Soon)
  • The Manager (Coming Soon)
  • Jerry (Retired)
  • Marvin (Retired)
  • Lewis (Retired)
  • The Big Engine (Rejected)


  • Most of the engines that work on the railway exhibition came from Japan.
  • Marvin was the only character in The Railway Exhibition to have a promo image for Island Tales