"I'm going to script the 1st episode, which will be about these 2 engines..."
This is the Script for Thomas and his Diapet Friends Episode 1: Introducing the Diapets, if there's any dialog or scenes missing, please add them.

(Fanofthomas31's Intro plays)

Narrator: One day, a new piece of merchandise arrived at Fanofthomas31 Studios.

Thomas: Wow! I'm so accurate!

Thomas: And my rods move too!

Percy: Thomas! Have you seen James anywhere?

Thomas: No, I think he's still In Transit.

Percy: What does "In Transit" mean?

Thomas: It means he still hasn't arrived by mail, meaning he's still somewhere between here and Japan.

Percy: But why is he taking longer than we have?

Thomas: Because he was purchased from a different eBay seller than we were

Percy: Well I guess that makes sense, but if we came from Japan, how do we know English?

Thomas: That question I can not answer.

Percy: Oh, but what about Hiro or Bertie?

Thomas: Percy, it it Far too early to even mention those two, besides, have you seen how big Hiro is?

Percy: No.

Thomas: That proves my point, now come on let's.. couple up like that and go do something.

Thomas: But what should we do?

Percy: Go look for James?

Thomas: Don't be silly Percy, we only went outside once and were not going to get back out there.

Percy: We can go to the Super Station

Hoard of Thomas': SSA! SSA!

Thomas (Trackmaster): We want a new Super Station Adventures right now!

Hoard of Thomas': SSA!

Thomas: Yeah, how about we not?

Percy: We could pull a train.

Thomas: Percy, we can't couple up to any cars!

Percy: Um, you were saying?

(Percy is carrying a Trackmaster Troublesome Truck)

Thomas: Okay that's one thing, but what kind of tracks are you gonna run on?

Percy: We'll just have to find out!

Thomas: No Percy, that'll be for a later video, and on that note it's time to end. Bye.

(Video Ends)